Så er der kommet en foreløbig afklaring på hydrofoil reglen. Ændringen træder i kraft omgående og gælder foreløbig til udgangen af 2007.

Measurement control

The extreme beam shall not be more than:
2.3 metres (7 ft 6½ inches)

The beam shall be measured at right angles to the centre line of the craft at the widest point and including all fixed or adjustable
apparatus with the exception of a normally accepted trapeze or retractable seat. (adjustable apparatus such as foils must be measured both completely down and completely up flush with the bottom of the
hull). In addition, no part of each hull or the respective fixed or adjustable apparatus shall come closer together than 1.5 metres below the static waterline. If necessary the static water line shall be found by floating the boat fully equipped without the sailor on board.