Laser Radial – World Championships 2020 – Melbourne AUS – Day 1, one race only, mixed North American results

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Mixed feelings with the North Americans after the only race of the Laser Radial World Championship in Sandringham AUS this Sunday morning UTC ! The CAN team performed reasonably well with the ranks 5 (Sarah Douglas) and 9 (Coralie Vittecoq) in their 55 boat groups, both preceding the US Sailing Team Olympia candidates finishing on the ranks 17 (Erika Reinecke), 27 (Paige Railey) and 39 (Charlotte Rose). —– The updated overall results of all North Americans and the Report of the US Sailing Team. ————— Winners of the day in the Olympic Radial Women fleet, split in two groups, were Marie Barrué FRA and the defending champion Anne-Marie Rindom DEN. On rank 3 follow Maud Jayet SUI and Vasileia Karachaliou GRE. The Olympic Champion Marit Bouwmeester NED and Svenja Weger GER share rank 5. —— The only race in the Radial Men was won by Daniel Krutskikh RUS ahead of Michael Compton AUS and Jordan Makin AUS. —– The ranking lists and the event facebook page.


Match Racing – Youth Match Race Cup – Auckland NZL – Final results

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Today Sunday UTC, James Hodgson AUS defeated both local Kiwi teams, i.e. Nick Egnot-Johnson NZL 3-0 in the Semi Final and Jordan Stevenson NZL 3-1 in the Final, winning the Youth Match Cup in Auckland, the tune-up event for the Matchrace Youth Worlds at the same venue next week. Aurélien Pierroz FRA, winner of the Round Robin lost the Petit Final against Nick Egnot-Johnson NZL 0-2. —– Jack Parkin USA, 4th in the Round Robin, was eliminated in the Quarter Final by Jordan Stevenson NZL 0-3. —– The results and the news.


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We’re stoked to see nearly 40 teams take on the first leg of the Shorthanded Sailing Association of New Zealand’s legendary doublehanded race ‘Round the North Island. Sponsored by Evolution Sails, the 4-stage epic is back for it’s 13th edition with a massive fleet of boats ranging from a little Elliott 7.9 meter all the way up to a trio of fast 52 footers.

Sailing out of Auckland and 154 miles up the east coast to the beautiful harbor of Mangonui, the fleet saw relatively benign conditions and a minimum of carnage, though the girls on the Elliott 1050 High Voltage hit a UFO and retired to head to the boat yard in Opua for a closer inspection. The three 52-footers at the head of the pack had a tight battle to the end with Angus Hall and Rob Basset’s Bakewell-White designed 52-footer WIRED just holding on to be first to finish. Right on their heels and finishing at the first crack of daylight, birthday boy Chris Hornell and his daughter Bex were second on line in the TP 52 Kia Kaha.

With moderate reaching conditions from the SSW to bring most of the fleet home, Steve [...]



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A Queensland grandfather has become the oldest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world after spending nearly an entire year at sea. Bill Hatfield, 81, sailed back into the Gold Coast harbour today and into the record books after spending 295 days navigating his solo voyage. “Oh, I’m very pleased to be back – I can tell you that. Nice to be on land again,” Mr Hatfield told 9News. He has already made three trips around the world but this is his first without stopping. The latest journey was made all the more remarkable by the fact he sailed westward- meaning he faced far more prevailing winds and currents than if he’d taken the easier route and sailed east. Jump in the thread.

Match Racing – Youth Match Race Cup – Auckland NZL – Day 3, the Round Robin dominators in the Semis, Parkin USA out

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This Saturday morning UTC, the last two Round Robin flights and the Quarter Finals were completed at the Youth Match Cup in Auckland with no surprises and clear 3-0 winners in all four duels. Qualified for the Semi Finals of tomorrow are Aurélien Ducroz FRA, the 12-1 winner of the Round Robin, Nick Egnot-Johnson NZL, James Hodgson AUS and Jordan Stevenson NZL, who eliminated Jack Parkin USA. —– The results and the news.


Laser Radial – World Championshi 2020 – Melbourne AUS, with five USA and four CAN women

1 day 20 hours ago

The Laser Radial World Championship 2020 in Sandringham AUS was kicked-off this morning UTC with the Practice Race. With the Olympic Regatta beginning end of July, the complete international elite except the Chinese are present. Among others, the three Rio Olympic medalists Marit Bouwmeester NED, Annalise Murphy IRL and Anne-Marie Rindom DEN are on the entry list with 110 participants from 41 nations. —– Charlotte Rose, Paige Railey and Erika Reinecke will fight for the 2020 Olympic ticket in the five women US Sailing team.—– Sarah Douglas is the clear leader among the four Canadian women. —– The preview. —– In the Radial men, 69 boats from 11 nations are present.


never ending

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Not to worry, people! President “I don’t give a fuck about the environment” will make sure this never happens again.

Oil spread beyond the known satellite footprint of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a new study led by scientists at the University of Miami.

The Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010 releasing 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days. Oil slicks from the blowout covered an estimated area of 57,000 square miles (149,000 square kilometers).

The researchers combined oil-transport modeling techniques with remote sensing data and in-water sampling to assert that a proportion of the spill was invisible to satellites. The study’s lead author Igal Berenshtein said the spill was only visible to satellites above a certain oil concentration at the surface leaving a portion unaccounted for.  Read on.


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Someone had to take the initiative and it is the Superyacht Cup in Palma that grasped the nettle with the introduction of a new dedicated Performance Class at its next edition in June 2020

The Superyacht Cup Palma has taken a lead in meeting the evolving nature of the superyacht community with the introduction of a dedicated Performance Class for its 24th edition in 2020. It’s a move that reflects the maturity and responsiveness of Europe’s longest-running superyacht regatta, and looks well set to be warmly welcomed by the increasing number of yachts, owners and crews who occupy the “more speed please” sector of the spectrum. Read on.


for the record

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The great Francis Joyon and his crew set yet another world sailing record yesterday morning after arriving in London around breakfast time. The record? The Tea Route record. Yea I had never heard of it either and that’s because it’s a new record that was set in 2018 when Italian skipper Giovanni Soldini set a reference time of 36 days and 2 hours sailing from Hong Kong to London. Of course Joyon and his team on their massive 104-foot trimaran IDEC Sport were going to beat the record. It was set by a boat over 30 feet shorter so it’s no wonder they knocked over four days off Soldini’s time.

I don’t mean to sound grumpy here but I think this is much ado about nothing. Joyon is a super hero in sailing circles and it’s well deserved. He has broken some of the toughest sailing records out there including the solo, non-stop around the world record as well as numerous others, so making a big deal out of what was essentially a delivery back to Europe is stretching it for me.

One the other hand. Joyon needs to keep his name and his sponsors name out there and if this [...]


ice kite

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Looks cool, but do you think a boat like that is really going to fly a kite?

Ice Kite is a 64 m long superyacht designed by Red Yacht Design in collaboration with the naval architecture firm Dykstra Naval Architects, on behalf of a German entrepreneur.

The latter wanted a boat that showcases glass, so a huge canopy – like a large windshield – will run from the main deck to the flybridge, offering a 180 ° view from the lounge, located at the front of the boat. Another characteristic, the vastness of the outdoor living spaces – 425 m2 – considerable compared to a boat of the same size. Read on.


Ice-Sailing – DN & Ice-Optimist Junior European & World Championships – Furudal SWE – Final results

2 days 19 hours ago

The 2020 Junior/Youth Ice Sailing World Champions are Rasmus Mallinn EST in the DN-Juniors und Mateusz Gigielewicz POL in the Ice Optimist. Anielka Graczyk POL follows on rank 2. The results. —– Rasmus Mallinn EST won also the last European Championship races in the DN Juniors. In the Ice Optimists, Andrias Sepp EST finished first ahead of Maria Konarzewska POL and Amelia Potejka POL. The results. —– After two windless days, the Championships on Lake Furudal in Sweden – a Northeast European affair – were concluded yesterday and both classes sailed three races for the Worlds and three races for the Europeans title. —– The event facebook page with videos and the DN North America website .


Match Racing – Youth Match Race Cup – Auckland NZL – Day 2, a FRA/AUS/NZL trio on top, Parkin USA 5th

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With an 11-0 score this Friday morning UTC, Aurélien Pierroz FRA was on top of the 2020 Youth International Match Racing Cup leaderboard ahead of James Hodgson AUS 10-1 and Nick Egnot-Johnson NZL 9-2, with two Round Robin flights left before the Quarter Finals of tomorrow Saturday. Hot stuff ahead as the two matches left for the leader Pierroz will be against Hodgson and Egnot-Johnson ! —– Jack Parkin USA (Riverside YC) is on rank 5 among the 14 teams. —– The leaderboard and the report of day one. —– Racing is from February 20 to 23 in Elliott 7m keelboats. For several of the 14 teams, this event will be a tune-up for the 2020 Youth Match Racing World Championship on February 25-March 1 at the same venue.



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(February 19, 2020, 3:14 PM EST) — A Connecticut federal jury has found that racing sailboat maker LaserPerformance has been willfully ripping off the trademark of the original designer of the Laser dinghy, and awarded the designer $6.8 million in damages.

After deliberating for about a day following a four-day trial, the New Haven jury on Friday found in favor of sailboat designer Bruce Kirby and his Bruce Kirby Inc., who alleged that after he ended an agreement to have LaserPerformance sell his design, the company continued selling boats with his name and mark on them.

The jury found that LaserPerformance, legally known as Quarter Moon Inc., had willfully infringed Kirby’s trademark, and awarded Kirby $4.33 million from Quarter Moon and $2.52 million from its European unit, LaserPerformance (Europe) Ltd.

The jury’s willfulness finding means the court will assess whether punitive damages are warranted.

Kirby filed suit in March 2013, alleging that LaserPerformance — a name shared by several companies controlled by Farzard Rastegar — was ripping off the sailboat design created by Kirby around 1970.

The Kirby sailboat, a small, one-person racing dinghy known as the Laser, had become a standard class for international racing, and manufacturers that wanted to sell the design entered [...]

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