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Sailing Anarchy

and so it begins

1 day ago

Looks like the party has started at Legacy Marina in Fort Myers… Well, at least they are mostly all powerboats… Props to anarchist Phillip.


when is a start, a start?

1 day 10 hours ago

From the Fabulous Forum…

Weird one this weekend. In the end, it didn’t matter, but I’m not sure what the actual rule is here.

Starting in light winds 1 boat (us) is called over. We start to dip back, however at the same time the boat starting on the pin hooks it and drags it fairly significantly to weather. We see this, determine that we are now actually behind the line formed by the Committee boat and the current position of the pin, and start. The RC comes on the radio a few minutes later to clarify that we had not returned far enough.
I’m not questioning his call, but we were very close to the pin, and within reason certain that we had become behind the line as the pin was dragged forward. (This was also the opinion of the boat who hooked the pin so had quite a good view).

Whilst we might be mistaken that we actually were behind the new position of the pin, I’m interested what the rule would be… Assuming that we had been put the right side of the line by the movement of the pin, but had not returned to the prestart side of the [...]


full speed ahead

1 day 12 hours ago

After pulling off miracles to keep the Caribbean yachting circuit not just on the road post-pandemic, but positively thriving, it’s no holds barred once again in 2023 for another round of racing in the world’s greatest venues

Organizers ticked the box on hosting every major Caribbean regatta in 2022, a welcome feat after most events experienced a two-year pause due to the pandemic. Sailors from both sides of the pond and beyond responded favorably. Jeanne Kleene, event manager for the St Barths Bucket sums up the positive reaction to her event, which echoed regionally: ‘The energy and enthusiasm were fantastic! Following recent cancellations, lockdowns and travel restrictions the pent-up demand was evident, producing a robust, competitive fleet. We had 30 superyachts that enjoyed great racing in breathtaking conditions.’

Weather is the quintessential carrot that entices sailors to travel thousands of miles by air or sea to the Caribbean. Sunny skies. Steady trade winds. Celsius degrees averaging 27. This is certainly true in winter and early spring when cold in northern climates means the racing calendar in those destinations is empty. [...]


death on the high seas

2 days 11 hours ago

Not Sailing

Crimes like this don’t often happen on land. A 10-minute slow-motion slaughter captured by a cell phone camera shows a group of unarmed men at sea in an undisclosed location, possibly 15 of them, killed one by one by a semiautomatic weapon, after which the culprits pose for celebratory selfies.

This case shows the challenge of prosecuting crimes on the high seas. There were at least four ships on the scene, but no law required any of the dozens of witnesses to report the killings — and no one did. Law enforcement in the open ocean is limited, and jurisdiction is complicated. Authorities learned of the killings only when the video turned up on a cell phone left in a taxi in Fiji in 2014.

It’s still unclear who the victims were or why they were shot. An unknown number of similar killings take place each year — deckhands on the ship from which the video was shot later said they’d witnessed a similar slaughter a week before. Read on.


leisure time

2 days 11 hours ago

Who doesn’t love the work that VPLP does? Clever, fast and often innovative, they turn out fascinating designs. This 46-meter concept cat is much of that, with a bit of a twist in the concept of open-air yachting… More here.



1 week ago

All Rooskie news, all the time…

The Russian-owned megayacht Dilbar was detained in Hamburg in March in connection with sanctions on Russia’s business elite, and she has now been towed off to a lay berth in Bremen as German authorities investigate her suspected owner’s finances.

The tow frees up valuable drydock space at Lürssen’s Hamburg yacht yard, according to Bild. Dilbar, which is allegedly linked to the family of sanctioned Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, was relocated to Lürssen’s headquarters facility on the Weser River in Bremen on Tuesday night. German customs officials and local police accompanied the ultra-high-value tow as a precautionary measure. According to NDR reporter Benedikt Strunz, she was towed “dead ship” with no crew aboard in order to make sure she could not make an escape attempt. More.


russian ac 40

1 week ago

Looks like those crazy Rooskies found a loophole in the rules and this is their prototype 40.

One hears it goes both upwind and downwind like a mofo AND blows up the competition with any contact. Winner!

Read on.


60 and counting

1 week 1 day ago

Big Pimpin’

Next year will see the 68th edition of a spectacular Mediterranean regatta with even more spectacular race courses…

The quest for the perfect race week experience is not easy. Where can you find in only one week the challenge of navigation and seamanship that comes with distance racing and the thrill of boat-on-boat action in competitive inshore racing? Tre Golfi Sailing Week held over 13-20 May 2023 may be the answer to this quest.

Nearly 140 entries from more than a dozen nations participated in 2022 for the 67th edition of the race, a growth trend that validates the attractive qualities of this increasingly international event. This is a regatta with competent and professional event and race management, easy logistics, a location known for its scenery, pleasant weather and agreeable ambiance, numerous social events to entertain the teams when not racing, and a position in the yachting calendar that fits well in the season of Mediterranean sailing events. Championship trophies and Rolex watches as prizes are also a nice feature. More here.


wing it

1 week 1 day ago

Good lord! Now that is a project. From Royal Huisman:

The unveiling of WING 100 celebrates the arrival of an entirely new megayacht category, say its creators, Royal Huisman, Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design. This 100m / 330ft ground-breaking concept expressly focuses on the highest standards of environmental sustainability with proven technology for worldwide reliability. Its advanced systems platform easily accommodates future technological advances and regulatory requirements. Read on.


that’s more like it!

1 week 1 day ago

What is one thing we always bitch about? Cockpit size on production boats – in that they are almost always too damn small. Not this one!

From the first glance at the Grand Soleil 40 , we understand that the Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo aimed for elegance and sobriety. A rather successful bet, with a discreet coachroof and gangways completely free of any listening. Apart from its fairly high and marked rear chine, the design is of a successful classicism. We even note that the maximum beam does not extend to the rear. More here.


this is a sailboat

1 week 2 days ago

A very strange and odd sailboat, but a sailboat nonetheless. This sailboat is a mini version of what the next AC boats will look like. One will note that there is no rig on said boat. That is because it has to prove that it won’t flip, or plow, or burst into many pieces before it is given a rig with which to prove that it won’t flip, or plow, or burst into many pieces.

Then, when all are satisfied, the real, big AC boat will be built and it too will go through the same process. Isn’t all that just bitchin’?



on the edge

1 week 2 days ago

It’s amazing how much has happened in the 4 months since I arrived in Fiji. CATD and my involvement with them has extended way beyond the cargo proa.

Already happening or in the planning stages are: a biogas reactor program running off food scraps and sewage and producing enough methane to cook for 100+ students. CATD got the first of them at a handover ceremony with the Israeli ambassador last week; A cassava flour mill for the bread we are cooking in the student-built bakehouse; a “village/school appropriate” recyclables collection site organized with Recyclers Fiji and help from the local high school; installing a low cost solar hot water system; producing mud bricks; turning unsorted, uncleaned plastic waste into tiles to cover the mud on the boat ramp and turning scrap glass into sand-sized pieces using a locally built kava crusher. The initial use of this will be to substitute for sand in the mud bricks, play with nonslip, hard and reflective coatings on the boat and cover some of the mud around it. Sand [...]


all multihulls, all the time

1 week 2 days ago

Big Pimpin’

The Caribbean Multihull Challenge has it all.

For February 2023, the 5th Annual CMC will see two regattas in one!  Three days of hot distance and short hop racing in the windy waters around St. Maarten / St.Martin; and concurrently, three days of a cruising rally touching Dutch, French, and Anguillan anchorages. Racers will race and party.  Cruisers will cruise and party.  Wind and weather will rule the actual schedule but all will have guaranteed fun! 

Top-end boats have three days of rugged racing on three different courses. One day will see a repeat of the 2022 Caribbean 60 Mile Multihull Sprint sponsored by FKG Rigging.  This race from Sint Maarten heads upwind around St. Barth’s; around French Tintamarre, downwind in the windy Anguilla Channel, around the airport end of SXM, and upwind to finish in Simpson Bay.  Another day will see the premier running of a south/north power reach across the trades called the 52 Mile Around Saba Dash.  This race sponsored by the Sint Maarten Tourist Bureau was created in response to suggestions made by previous [...]


no magic for merlin

1 week 3 days ago

A fabulous shot by Daniel Forster belies a rather dismal Big Boat Series for the Bill Lee legend. The sled didn’t have any real chance in this series anyway, but perhaps the stink of Leif Beiley still lingers…


who gonna beat him?

1 week 5 days ago

It was at 6:48am, Sept 17 that Charlie Dalin crossed the 48H Azimut Ocean Race finish line first on Apivia. He completed the 505-mile course in 1 day, 15 hours, 42 minutes, and 50 seconds at an average speed of 12.72 knots and completed 614 miles on the water (15.48 knots on average).

As expected, the Verdier plan pointed its spatulate bow towards the moored line off the tip of Talud just before sunrise this morning. In a light breeze from the North, Charlie Dalin won the long ascent of nearly 200 miles from Waypoint 2, which he had passed in the lead yesterday at 9.45am. A crucial point in the race since after having gained a lead of around ten miles during the furious descent of the Bay of Biscay in the night from Thursday to Friday, Apivia had seen his immediate pursuers swoop down on him. Charal and LinkedOut were then pointing less than 3 miles from her transom, as if for a new start.

But Charlie Dalin did not lose his [...]



1 week 6 days ago

Tonight sees the two ‘Charlies’ still heading each group. American skipper Charlie Enright and his crew (11th Hour Racing Team) are leading the way after passing the Azimut 2 waypoint at 08:26 hours this Thursday morning, whilst Charlie Dalin, heading the fleet of solo sailors on APIVIA, followed suit one hour later.

Since then, the IMOCA skippers have been making headway at a slower, laborious pace, with the vast majority now launched onto a beat. The ETA for the front runners is from 06:00 local time tomorrow morning for the 23 solo sailors still out on the racetrack after Japanese skipper, Kojiro Shiraishi (DMG MORI Global One) retired last night for personal reasons. Signed up for a longer course, which will take them on a slight detour via Penmarc’h, the four crews are due to make the finish from noon. More here.

1 hour 5 minutes ago
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