Overholdelse af klasseregler


Hej Alle

Nedenstående er et opråb fra formanden fra teknisk kommitte.

Jeg mener ikke at vi har et specielt issue her i DK, vi er alle enige om at det er sjovest hvis vi holder reglerne, både til de små lokale stævner og de store - og hvis ikke så får vi måleren på nakken :-)

Og mig bekendt gik vi alle igennem målingen til VM uden problemer

Men nu får I det.

Hilsen Tom

Dear Presidents,
The majority of you were present at the WGM at Punta Ala when I quickly discussed measurement issues facing the class. Unfortunately given the limited time we had the matter was not fully resolved.
As you are all aware the Equipment Inspection at Punta Ala was a huge task spread over three days with two separate measurement teams and approximately 10 personnel involved. Whilst the majority of boats were rule compliant it was extremely disappointing to see boats presented that did not comply with our rules, incorrect measurement certificate documentation, no black bands on mast etc. All of this despite our efforts through correspondence over the preceding months to ensure that all competitors had this correct.
Further more and what I believe is a bigger issue was boats presented that had previously been passed at major Championships since the New Zealand Worlds as compliant that were clearly not.
As I stated at the meeting we are all volunteers, as are all the various country measurers who freely give their time for the benefit of others. However we all have a responsibility to the class and our fellow competitors to ensure we undertake our roles correctly.
Despite the onus on the competitors to ensure their boats are compliant most as you know leave it in the hands of the measurer to say if boat is ok or not.
The problem I see is that it appears in some countries not enough is been done at a local level to ensure boats are rule compliant at their local regattas and championships and competitors turn up at Worlds thinking everything is ok.
For instance since Punta Ala there have been a number of major regattas and pictures from these clearly show evidence that the black band rule is not enforced.
I’m not sure how we totally fix the problem but I think it needs to be handled by yourselves as Presidents to ensure your Measurers are doing their roles correctly and regatta’s run in accordance with our class rules.
If any of your Measurers are unsure of how the rules are to be looked at or have any issues I am more than happy for them to contact myself and I will do all I can to assist.
Going forward I think we also need to seriously consider how measurement is handled at further World Championships. Post race measurement is now becoming the norm at many World Cup events and may be the path to follow. This would place further emphasis on the competitors to make sure they are rule compliant as there are no second chances with this.
Graeme Harbour
Chairman IACA Technical Committee
ISAF Measurer